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Anticipate common questions about Monstober and provide answers in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section

Monstober is a creative challenge that invites artists of all skill levels to create monster-themed artwork throughout the month of October. It’s a celebration of the eerie, the fantastic, and the monstrous in art.

Participating in Monstober is easy! Just follow the daily prompts provided for each day in October and create artwork inspired by those prompts. Share your creations on social media using the official Monstober hashtags to join the community.

Absolutely! Monstober is inclusive and welcomes artists of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, you can embrace the challenge and unleash your creativity.

Monstober is a celebration of creativity, and there aren’t too many strict rules to stifle your imagination. The main guideline is to align your artwork with the daily prompts, but beyond that, the possibilities are as endless as the darkness itself. Whether you prefer digital or traditional techniques, anything is possible in the world of Monstober. So, let your creativity flow freely and embrace the eerie and fantastic in your unique style.

To increase the chances of your artwork being featured, use the official Monstober hashtags when posting on social media. Tagging @MonstoberOfficial can also catch our attention for potential features.

Monstober primarily focuses on fostering creativity and community. While there are no official prizes, there may be occasional challenges or contests with rewards. The main reward is the sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to showcase your art.

Absolutely! Collaboration inquiries are a hauntingly welcomed delight. Whether you’re an artist with a monstrous vision, a brand looking to delve into the eerie, or anyone with a creative proposal that aligns with the spirit of Monstober, we’re all ears (and tentacles). Contact us with your collaboration ideas, and let’s explore the dark and mysterious realms of creativity together. The monsters await your proposal!

Stay in the loop by following Monstober’s official social media accounts, where you’ll find updates, announcements, and exciting news about the challenge. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming events as well.

Kinda! While October is the heart of Monstober, you might find us at some exciting events and meetups throughout the year to keep the monstrous spirit alive. Keep an eye on our social media and website for announcements about upcoming events and how to get involved. Join us in celebrating monsters and creativity year-round!

You can reach out to Monstober via the provided contact form on this page or directly through our email address [info at]. We’re here to assist with any additional questions or concerns you may have.