Discover the Dark Delights of Monstober

Get ready to dive into the eerie world of Monstober like never before. While our full online shop is still under construction, you can already reach out to us to secure your official Monstober Merch, or better yet, venture into the shadows and join us in person at a convention or one of those mysterious dark corners we’re known to haunt. Get ready for an extraordinary experience that will leave you craving more of the monstrous and the macabre.

Monstober: An Illustrated journey, vol 1 [Numbered, limited Edition]
The first 31 books are numbered. Also includes Ex-Libris and pencilled headsketch
Monstober: An Illustrated journey, vol 1
Regular edition. Ex-Libris and pencilled headsketch can be added.

Wear your love for the monstrous proudly with our Monstober-themed apparel, designed to showcase your dark creativity. 

Plague Doctor T-shirt
Baba Yaga T-shirt
Monstober Iron-Skull-Cross T-shirt
Ex-Libris Monster Round T-shirt

From stickers that send shivers down your spine to badges and keychains that dangle cryptic charms, our MonsterMerch collection will leave you spellbound.

Wooden keychain – Original Logo 
Wooden keychain – Square Logo 
Wooden keychain – Ex-Libris Monster Round 
Wooden keychain – Iron-Skull-Cross 

Top off your monstrous style with Monstober caps, perfect for shading yourself from the darkest of shadows.

Monstober SplatterCap

Original Artwork: 

Keep an eye out for the opportunity to own a piece of Monstober history with original artwork.