Meet the Artists Who Bring Monsters to Life


Welcome to “We Are Monstober,” a place where artists from all corners of the world converge to celebrate their love for the monstrous, the mythical, and the macabre. In this gallery of talent, we shine a spotlight on the creative minds behind the eerie and enchanting artworks that make Monstober a legendary annual event.

As you explore the profiles of these remarkable artists, you’ll get a glimpse into their creative worlds. Each one tells a unique story through their monstrous masterpieces, and together, they form the beating heart of Monstober.

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Robin ‘Mr. Monstober’ Mies: The Creative Catalyst

Inspiring Monstober’s Dark Imagination Since 2016
Meet the driving force behind the Monstober phenomenon, the visionary who brought the world of art and monsters together in a thrilling and unique challenge. Explore Mr. Monstober’s own artistic creations and delve into the mind of the mastermind behind it all. Discover the darkness that drives him and the monsters that haunt his imagination. His story is just the beginning of the Monstober legend. With a passion for all things monstrous, he embarked on a mission to unite artists worldwide, creating a captivating blend of artistry, folklore, and the eerie. Join Mr. Monstober and a legion of artists as they continue to carve their names into the history of this unique challenge, one monstrous masterpiece at a time.

Eric van der Heijden: The Monstober Maestro

Detailing Obscure Monsters with Precision
Eric van der Heijden was introduced to the Monstober adventure in 2016, but it was in 2017 that he embarked on his first full month of monster drawings, resulting in his first Monstober album. Over the years, Eric’s dedication and talent have enriched the Monstober community. Eric’s passion for the genre and meticulous preparation brought even the most obscure monsters to life.

On behalf of all monsters, let’s continue to rule the world of Monstober “MAKE MINE MONSTOBER!”

Patrick Caldwell: The Monstrous Illustrator from Fort Collins​

Crafting Nightmares and Fantasies with Every Stroke.
As an illustrator and graphic designer, Patrick’s creative journey is deeply intertwined with the ominous allure of monster movies, the pulse-pounding narratives of comic books, and the spine-tingling tales found within the pages of horror novels. In the year 2017, fate conspired to introduce Patrick to the enigmatic world of Monstober. A chance encounter with the Monstober prompt list on Instagram proved transformative, casting a spell that continues to bind him to the annual creative ritual. Since that momentous discovery, Patrick has emerged as a perennial participant, conjuring spectral visions and breathing life into monstrous entities that dance on the edge of the extraordinary.

As he dons the mantle of Monstober contributor year after year, there are no signs of this artistic odyssey coming to an end.